Sheelagh Patricia Smith

Affectionately called "Baby Sheila".

Sheelagh (Sheila) was the youngest sibling - the seventh child born to Tom and Belle. She was born in Oxton, Birkenhead in 1930.

Sheila died unexpectedly of pneumonia at only 11 months old.

Sheelagh was buried at Flaybrick Cemetry in Claughton, Birkenhead on 11th December 1930. This was to become a family grave. Her eldest sister Marjorie was interred there in January 1954, and their father Tom Smith's ashes in February 1957. The grave stone can no longer be seen in the burial ground. It has either been removed or it is hidden beneath grass.

The few photographs we have of Sheelagh are those taken during a family holiday in Rhyl during the summer of 1930 and those taken in the garden of the family home at 6, Bessborough Road, Oxton.

Below is a photograph of the grave site at Flaybrick Cemetery, Claughton, Birkenhead. Sheelagh Smith (buried 1930), Marjorie Lord (buried 1954) and Grandpa Tom Smith (ashes 1957). The two small sticks in the middle foreground of the photograph mark the site.

Family Grave

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